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Mobile phones are now as important part and parcel in our life as the 6 fundamental needs of our life. Currently, you will not be able to see anyone without a mobile phone. Nowadays everybody is crazy for a Smartphone. To be very specific, smart phones become another organ part of our body. People of Bangladesh are very aware of their new smartphone price in Bangladesh. People are very excited to know about the Feature phone, Tab, Smart watch and 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G mobile phone prices in Bangladesh 2020. The latest Smartphone price is the hottest and most frequent topic for people of all classes and ages in Bangladesh. The people have so much craze about smart phones that they always want to know the mobile phone update price in Bangladesh. Interestingly, the educated young generation possesses a huge craze about the latest Smartphone’s updated price, specifications, News, Reviews and features. Not only young generation but also all kinds of ages highly desires phone with a decent camera, huge storage capacity, long-lasting battery backup, speedy processor and etc.

Here, you can search and get the best Smartphone you're looking for you and your FNF. Here, you'll be able to find the best mobile phone for your needs, across all kinds of mobile phone brands in available market in Bangladesh. When you're in the market to buy a smartphone, and unsure which model to spend your hard-earned money on, just choose from filters like Mobile phone price in Bangladesh, RAM, clock speed, Network connectivity, and more, to home in on device best appropriate to your needs. GSMArenaBD has one of the largest mobile phone databases in the world. You can also read mobile reviews to help you make your buying decision.

See latest official Mobile price in Bangladesh 2020 by official website GSMArenaBD. You can visit our website for to search mobile phones including mobile prices, reviews, comparisons, features, videos, accessories, Android, Smartphone, phone feature, tab updated prices, full specifications and news. Mobile phones introduced to become well-popular in Bangladesh in the late 90s. The first mobile phones were way oversized comparable to any phone of today. There was an antenna on top of the mobile phone and they used to be quite difficult to carry because of their weight. For these reason the people were technically called “brick phones.” There were just two things you could do with mobile phones.
  1. Make a call.
  2. Send text messages.

But it was highly pricey, and completely prestigious to own such a simple mobile phone at that time. At present, these amazing phones are not available on the local market.

Feature Phone: Then at the starting of the 20th century came the somewhat smarter than so called “Bar-phones" or “Feature-phones”. It has a nice FM radio, polyphonic ringtones, 3.5 mm jack, Bluetooth, snake game and some of them also had a low-quality behind camera. Feature phones obtained quick popularity among the financially low-middle class To rich class peoples of Bangladesh. The entry-level feature mobile phones were slightly cheaper than the first generation mobile phones in Bangladesh and it offered many other more features. It is because by that time the technology was advancing faster, the market was growing, and new brands were bringing additional competition. Although, Nokia subordinate the market alone at that time. Mobile phones like Nokia 3310, 1100, 1110, 3210, 6600, 2600 led the local as well as worldwide scene. Now there are additional brands competing in the feature phone category. Here you may search the latest feature phone, Smartphone, News, Reviews, mobile summary and mobile price in Bangladesh 2020.

There is no doubt that the most popular feature phone of all time in Bangladesh is the celebrated Nokia 1100. Some may still keep in mind the old ringtone and snake game from this phone with highly captivating build quality, long battery life, stylish design and the satisfied feeling holding it in hand. We dont sell a smartphone or not a seller, just an info based site for our visitor to Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh 2020, Reviews, News & Specifications. shopping feature phone from anywhere in Bangladesh in the available market to a particular branded phone. You have a large variety to choose from our info base website with information on so many different types of feature phones information are available in GSMarena BD.

Nokia 130 a typical feature phone: Feature phone is a term typically used as a heteronym to recount a class of mobile phones. Original Feature phones tend to use proprietary, custom-designed software, user interface, and lack the capabilities of Smartphone’s. Feature phones typically provides their user voice call, Text message and various functionality, in addition to Internet capabilities, basic multimedia and different other services offered by the user's wireless service provider. Feature phones have a Black&white or color LCD screen and micro USB port and may have a a microphone, physical keyboard, SD card slot, a rear-facing camera to record video and capture pictures and GPS fungtions. Most of the feature phones include a First app store that include basic software such as mobile calculator, calendar, programs and games to use for us.

Why Feature Phones? A lot of people still requirement a phone just to make calls and obviously send some SMS for their own need. In particular, many from the older generation are not attracted in all the Smartphone hype going on. Then there is another kind of customer society who like to have two different types of phones (1. Smartphone 2. Feature phone) for two various purposes. It can be for example because of safety purpose. Where there is a possibility of theft, one can carriage a cheap feature phone and in safe places, a Smartphone. Another thing is that excellent build quality feature phones usually provide their user extended battery backup. Most of the Nokia feature phones are excellent examples of it. With extended battery life, one can talk longer without thinking about charging it in every few hours. Other than Samsung, Nokia, Symphony and itel feature phones are also dominant in Bangladesh as the price is usually quite low and there are many various kinds of style and features available in these phones. Other reason to use button phone is to disconnect oneself from all the networking addiction, time-wasting apps, the urge for nonsensical gaming, constant impact and superficial trends from one's digital surrounding. Thus, living a life of real enfranchisement and a more physical "Offline life," watching nature, thinking about the right aim of life, helping the needy and be more waking towards the family and taking real life responsibilities.

Smartphone’s: In Mid 20th century, the first generation Smartphone’s available in the market. Nokia kept its leading position with the N series Smartphone’s. Blackberry was others aristocratic name in the first-generation Smartphone years. There were still no touch screen, apps, font camera, etc and you couldn’t do too much things with them. But you could already access the internet, and these phones were easy to use. Here you will search Smartphone price in Bangladesh by the latest release and available in the market.

Android Smartphone’s: The first commercial Android mobile phone was launched by HTC called “HTC Dream” at the end of 2008. Within just one year of its launch, Android started to great amazing change the market entirely with its innovative apps and through the number of possibilities these apps were offering. iphones were also making its position among the somewhat more affluent class. But iphones have always been pricey, small number of people could afford it. Since then, it has been just Android excessive developing countries like Bangladesh. Android has over 85% global market shares as of 2020. See the latest official Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2020.

Tablets: Smartphone’s are compact and multipurpose. But if you want to watch something with consolation, it is not proposal that practical large-scale screen. A laptop or computer is too big to carry sometimes and the keyboard and mouse is not always importance. So, tablets, tabs or tablet computers available in the market. A tab size is usually 7 to 12 inches size touch screen. Many of them support 3G/4G and calls as well.

Popular Smartphone Brands in Bangladesh: Symphony Mobile has been the best popular brand in Bangladesh for a while. The prime reason is, in Bangladesh, there is a huge demand for low priced Smartphones with common good features. But their phone builds and service standard are also of best quality which made them stand up. Then there are Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Nokia, Walton, HTC, Oppo, Lava, etc brands that are popular in available market in Bangladesh.

Mobile Buying Tips/Suggestion for our visitors: The popular mobile brand is Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, Symphony, Vivo, Infinix because of this brand provides the finest features with a small budget mobile lover. It is also trendy and fashionable. If you want the update features with a comparably less budget, Xiaomi is the better one for you. Xioami provides the best features like 3 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM 12+8 MP camera, 4000 mah battery in the only 10k-12k taka. If you want to spend little more budgets, let’s assume 15000 tk, Xiaomi can provide you with a more decent configuration. This phone is popular among both senior citizens and the young generation of our country. This phone is available in both 3G & 4G. Here you can get updated all kinds of mobile price in Bangladesh 2020.

If your budget is higher, let’s say over 25000 Tk, you should consider Realme, Oppo, Huawei. These are perfect for gaming and multitasking. You can consider the latest 4g Realme X. You are gonna affection the configuration- Android 9.0, Display 6.53’’, Camera 48MP (ooh!! Can you believe that! Take some good selfies!), RAM 8GB, Battery 3760 mah Lion-pro and you will be getting all these features with only 22900 TK.

4G mobile phones such as oneplus is a little costlier in Bangladesh but the price is worth it because you are gonna get the finest featured phone. In the starting, it was a high-end smartphone but now is available at a mid-range budget. If your budget is (3500-40000) Taka, you should buy oneplus. Above this amount, you may discover Smartphone’s from almost all brands that are available in Bangladesh. If you are hunting for a small budget Smartphone, let’s consider your budget is less than 5,000 to 10,000 Tk. After then you can search into the beloved brands, Symphony, Walton and Lava. Obviously, these brands can provide you with some decent choices .

As it is a third world country, BD Smartphone prices are higher than in other countries because of enormous tax and because of this because we see the up-down of Smartphone prices in Bangladesh. GSMArenaBD all time try to provide our visitors correct mobile price in Bangladesh.

GSMArenaBD always tries to provide the latest update price from the showroom or local mobile market or authorized dealers. We collected updated mobile price from some popular official website, local and more real shops for update the prices. We suggest you before buying the Smartphone you much checked the official website because sometimes they decrease or increase their products price. So we, Recommend all before brought any Smartphone you must check the updated mobile price in Bangladesh-2020.

Once upon a time when people had phones in their pockets, that were only capable to make phone calls & send SMS. If someone was lucky, they had some lovely polyphonic ringtones on their device, which they could hear to before going to bed at night. Some were lucky to have FM radio and the legendary snake game as well which brought a lot of great amazing excitement. These phones didn't have any special camera, video recording, real apps, HD games, OTG, GPS, compass, net browsing, Facebooking possibility, chatting, etc. But faithfully it or not, these phones were fully pricey, and most of us were very proud to hold these kinds of phones in hand and walk around fifteen-twenty years ago. Although this is the age of Smartphone’s, many people still prefer their friends to use these kinds of the old day feature, bar or standard mobile phones. They are also denominated "button phones" in Bangladesh. There are several reasons behind their popularity.

Once upon a time there was a day, when feature phone was the only available phone in market. Demon companies select Nokia were built on depending on feature phone for business. At present, it has not lost its request to numerous users. Though it lacks the advanced popular functionality of a Smartphone, Feature phone has a high ability to battery backup, flawless calling & SMS, torch, nothing to idea about lags, no need of expensive accessories and good built. Some of the feature phone is very easy and cool to understand. You can teach your father and mother to press green button when a phone has incoming calls and to press the red button to end a call. This simple knowledge is enough for those people who are very uncomfortable with the advanced technology. Sometimes people find different problem to understand Smartphone. They are not able to installing apps, changing settings, downloading content from internet etc. Almost most of the options in Smartphone stay unused. There is more advantages of using a feature phone have various advantages.

First of all, the price of a feature phone is ordinarily less as compared to Smartphone’s that are available in the markets. Again feature phones are loss resistant but many Smartphone’s are not. If you drop a Smartphone, it will without any doubt get damaged but feature phones are very rough and tough. After then, Smartphone batteries drain faster than basic phone batteries due to recent hardware and software.

More about GSMArenaBD We aim to provide you with real information about the latest smartphones of Bangladesh with the official price. We want to help you to buy the latest-quality genuine Smartphone that fits your fund and requirements by our website. You can also find phones by brands, latest discounts and cash back offers, gain more knowledge about mobile phone specs in our knowledge base, regularly read our blog, find upcoming devices in your area or read more about mobile phone safety & care on our website.

Hottest and Most Frequent Topic for Smartphone: The latest Smartphone price is the hottest and most frequent topic for people of all classes and ages in Bangladesh. Noticeably, among the educated young generation crazy about latest version smart phone features and technologies. Therefore, the search is plenty for the latest released Smartphone’s in available market, their prices, new innovative features, and functions. No one can deny the benefit and importance of latest version Smartphone’s in this information age.

In one small gadget, you can make calls, browse the internet, read books, take pictures, play games, play music’s, chat with people, access social networks, watch videos or movies, calculate, condact the display as FHD mirror and rich more! Because of this, everyone is getting more and more interested in the latest released smart phone and wants to own their favorite one.

You can compare them for Specifications, features and prices for your satisfactions. Just not this, you can read up detailed reviews for the feature mobile phone that you are interested in to find out the best feature phone almost your budget. We have many feature phones original information’s according to their price range. We have categorized these phones according to their price and brand because we know what our readers want and also we want their buying satisfaction. Shopping for feature phone in GSMArenaBD is a lot simpler and convenient. All you have to do is to go to GSMArenaBD website, check out the large number of feature Phones and choose your favorite feature phone. Then it’s only a matter of few clicks and chose your favorite phones. This is distaste personal shopping where you will have to go to the store in person often jumping from one store to next to get the feature phone you want to buy for use. This will obviously cost you a lot of time & energy.

GSMArenaBD allows you to make a purchase from the comfort of your home as soon as possible. Not only this, you can ask for the product feature phones, smart phones, tab and etc to be shipped to your address. At present, if there you face any damage of the feature phone during the warranty period you will be change your feature phones, smart phones, tab and etc from customer care.

Demands of Our visitors: Price: We've provided mobile news, Reviews, Full specifications, Mobile summary and all kinds of mobile price in Bangladesh. With which you can know the mobile price for your mobile phone by search results.

Brand: You will be glad to know that, here we add so much mobile brand thus you can filter your search results within specific brands. You can also search the brand in the dialogue box provided, or select from the top brands in Bangladesh (such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lava, Nokia, Symphony, Walton, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, and Apple) by the Google custom search.

RAM: A very important aspect in choosing the accurate mobile phone for you, the amount of memory a Smartphone has governs how well it handles multitasking and gaming performance for mobile crazier. So no tension, visit our website GSMArenaBD and get your favorite Smartphone (such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lava, Nokia, Symphony, Walton, Oppo, Realme, Vivo, and Apple) by the Google custom search at home.

Internal storage: Another very important feature, how many apps, music files, and videos you can load onto your Smartphone the amount of internal storage a Smartphone has dictates. Here also we support you by our website.

External storage: Here, you can select to filter your search results based on whether your Smartphone has expandable storage via microSD card, whether it supports USB OTG functionality that allows you to plug in a pen drive, or whether it has a dedicated microSD card slot (instead of a hybrid SIM card slot that requires you to forego the use of one SIM card in the dual-SIM card slot).

Battery capacity: Its one of the major fact to choose a long-lasting battery; for your Smartphone’s. And great news is that, here you can easily specify the battery capacity you're looking with read our mobile phone full specifications or read mobile summary & News. You can either type in the battery capacity you're looking for, or, search from the Google custom search box.

Screen size: Smartphone screen sizes have been growing day by day ever larger, and what would have almost been defined as a tablet in previous years is now. You can search screen size you need.

Number of rear cameras: Nowadays, Smartphone’s have in recent years started to include multiple rear cameras, and most of the Smartphone comes with less than two rear cameras. Thus, we've provided full details about Smartphone cameras. Here you can easily specify how many cameras you want. You can either type in the number from check boxes like dual camera (two sensors), triple camera (three sensors), quad camera (four sensors), and penta camera (five sensors).

Main Camera Feature: Here, you can specify the camera megapixels or resolution of the primary rear camera. As we mentioned that, at present most Smartphone’s come with multiple rear camera setups, but one of those cameras is treated as the primary. Here you can easily specify how many megapixels or resolution cameras you want.

Selfy Camera feature: An important piece of information is whether a Smartphone features a flash module with the rear camera setup, or whether it has autofocus. You can like to filter your results with these details, by using our check boxes.

Front camera: As with the primary bakside camera filter, you can choose what megapixels resolution you want to filter your search results with you.

Front camera feature: it is very important to know whether a Smartphone’s front camera is accompanied by such features as a front flash module, autofocus tech, or whether it is a pop-up camera. Here, you can choose to filter your search results with these filters, using our Google custom search at home. Operating system: Next up, you can select what operating system you want to search with. You can select multiple options at once, so for example, both Android and ios Smartphone’s will be shown in search results to you.

Network type: Nowadays, Mobile phones today delivery many connectivity options, and with this website, you can choose to filter your search results based on whether the phone offers 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G connectivity.

Number of SIM cards: While most of phones sold in Bangladesh are dual-SIM offerings, this isn't true for all regions across the world. Here, you can choose your best favorite Smartphone’s by search. Which Smartphone has a single-SIM card slot, a dual-SIM card slot, or even a triple-SIM card slot?

SIM size: Most mobile phones these days supports only Nano-SIM card sizes, But they stay a few that use a regular SIM card size, a Micro-SIM card size and even esim technology. Here, you can choose to filter your search for the above-mentioned SIM card sizes.

Processor speed: Here, you can choose a clock speed from the search boxes provided, ranging from less than 1 GHz all the up to more than 2.5 GHz. Not all processors are equal, and it supports to see the top clock speed that a processor is capable of.

Number of processor cores: Mobile phone processors nowadays have up to 10 CPU cores, and this tool lets you choose how many cores you want with helpful search boxes. To clarify, dual core that means two cores, quad core means four cores, hexa core means six cores, octa core means eight cores, and deca core means 10 cores. In this news you can gather more and more knowledge about Smartphone’s.

More features: Well, we've got helpful mobile news & summary for you, which lets you select features phones you want your mobile phone to have, from Wi-Fi to USB Type-C, and more. Select these features with the search boxes we've provided. Moving not found exactly what you're looking for? Market status: Finally, you can like to search for phones based on their market status. You can select and buy a mobile - Available in stores, Upcoming, and Out of stock in local market by your search results.

Disclaimer: GSMArenaBD is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date mobile phone actual information website. Our mission is to keep our visitors informed about updated phone news and reviews, specifications, by brands, discounts and cash back offers. If you would chose to share a idea with us which you feel would add to the topicality of the site for you. We cannot guarantee that the truth of this page is 100% accurate and up-to-date. Also, we are not a info based website for our reader but also as a mobile seller. If you want to buy & sell a old and new Smartphone you can contact with us by E-mail and call us 10740-275645.